Corporate Nutrition and Wellness

My corporate nutrition & health coaching programmes change lives by empowering businesses and their people to make the healthiest food choices. The programmes produce tangible and measurable health and productivity benefits as well as higher levels of employee engagement and lower levels of absenteeism.

I work with employers to design nutrition and lifestyle-based programmes that are the best fit for their business culture and the challenges they face. Employee wellness programmes range from lunchtime talks and drop in clinics to group workshops and one-to-one coaching sessions.

The benefits of a corporate wellness programme include:

  • Improved nutritional well-being and health of staff (for example, coh3c1k0-croppedholesterol, blood glucose, blood pressure, weight loss)
  • Employees become healthier, happier, more focused and more committed
  • Greater resilience to manage stress
  • Increased morale and increased performance
  • Reduced illness and absenteeism


Corporate Wellness Services

  • Breakfast or Lunch Time talks
  • Talks for all staff or to create a new health ethos
  • And /or specialised talks for those with identified health issues
  • Length approx 60 mins
  • Informative & fun
  • Motivate delegates by demonstrating what is possible
  • Option to include group coaching to help create commitment


Popular Topics

  • 8 healthy eating habits you must know
  • Boosting energy through good nutrition
  • Weight management – how to lose weight healthily and keep it off
  • Heart health
  • Cholesterol/high blood pressure management
  • Boosting immunity
  • Stress management
  • Nutrition for memory and concentration
  • Improving mood and general wellbeing
  • Improving digestion
  • Beating cravings/ emotional eating

Drop-in Clinics

Drop-in clinics are the perfect complement to lunchtime talks and are the ideal way to start employees on their own personal journey. As part of a corporate wellness package like this I typically combine coaching with nutritional therapy to motivate clients to make nutrition and lifestyle changes that have a big impact on their health and performance.

Wellbeing Programmes

Longer programmes can be tailored to your business needs as well as those of your employees. Popular wellness programmes include:

14-Day Health & Wellbeing Challenge 

A two-week kickstart challenges for those with health concerns or those with an interest in health and prevention.

A great ‘whole company’ team building exercise to help demonstrate improvements in just two weeks. This is typically built around a number of workshops and individual coaching sessions for staff. Employees are motivated to continue when they see changes achieved over a short period.

Fast Track Back to Health

The kickstart programme delivered over a 12-week period with weekly seminars (can be delivered as a webinar) covering a range of different health topics to educate delegates about how to stay healthy. It also includes weekly 20-minute 1:1 coaching sessions.

There are a range of different supporting topics selected to fit the needs of the group and to help people to integrate the new plan. These include:

  • Eating out
  • Staying healthy when on the road / business trips
  • Finding the motivation to stay active
  • Finding a healthy lifestyle that fits the individual
  • Overcoming life’s barriers
  • Commitment

One-to-One Consultations

Individual coaching is a practical and powerful way to motivate executives to make lasting changes to their heath through new nutritional and lifestyle practices. This kind of bespoke coaching allows staff to address specific health concerns, solving issues that they face and potential barriers that stand in their way.