What is involved in a Nutritional Therapy Consultation?

Before the first consultation you will receive a questionnaire to complete stating your long term health goals and what you would like to achieve from the consultation. I will also require a brief medical history and a 3-day food diary which is included within the questionnaire. The initial consultation itself will focus on these goals with more detailed questions around current and past diet, lifestyle, daily stress, family history, medication (past and present), supplements (past and present), and physical activity. This establishes a clear picture for me to draft your personalised protocol, including recipes. It also provides us with the tools required so we can work together to put you on the right path to your health and wellness vision.

The initial consultation usually lasts between 60 to 90 minutes.

Follow ups are normally 30 to 45 minutes and can be scheduled 1 to 4 weeks after the initial consultation depending on the level of support required in order to implement the diet and lifestyle changes.

These sessions can also be over Skype if more convenient for you and will take the same amount of time as outlined above.

You can also add on a personal shopping experience with me either at a reduced cost additionally with your One to One Consultation or a standalone service. This is where I will go to your local supermarket(s) and just teach you how to read labels and give you an outline and the dos and don’ts and just be there with you on you as you make these positive steps. I can also go with your to your local health food store to assist you with purchasing any supplementation etc. set out in your protocol.

Clodagh Dunne Nutrition is a member of the Nutritional Therapists of Ireland and an accredited practitioner for Zest4Life. She is also a consultant for Neal’s Yard Remedies.